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Affordable Housing

With her background as a student and practitioner of Urban Planning, Bridget understands the importance of affordable housing in a community. The quality and variety of its housing stock is vital to Urbandale’s long-term viability. As Urbandale’s population continues to grow, we must, as a community, work to ensure that we are providing housing opportunities throughout the City that meet the needs of all of our citizens. This ranges from supporting the development of affordable multifamily housing to assisting with rehabilitating of existing housing stock to pursuing senior housing opportunities.


As Urbandale enters its second century, updating its aging infrastructure will continue to be a priority, as it is nationwide. Additionally, with westward growth, it is imperative that we be at the leading edge of sustainable infrastructure development. Storm water management and flood mitigation are also issues that need to be addressed regionally in cooperation with surrounding communities, especially in the face of climate change which will likely exacerbate these threats.

Bridging the Divide

Residing in Dallas County Urbandale, Bridget sees first-hand the bifurcation that has occurred in our community as it expands to the west. Urbandale sends its children to six school districts and is home to two private schools, which creates unique challenges to developing a sense of community that encompasses all of Urbandale.

Instead of our current motto of 'Uniquely Urbandale', we should strive for 'United Urbandale'!

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